PREM GROUP Launches Engage 2018

PREM Group is responsible for the employment of approximately 1,500 people across Ireland, the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands and France. ENGAGE is a new PREM Group initiative which promotes collective thinking and action amongst our talented international team. Participation is open to anyone in the company.

ENGAGE will create a new approach to training, development and teamwork. The purpose of the initiative is for teams to carry out projects that will have a positive impact on customer service, work environment, revenue or corporate social responsibility.

In the next four months we will have around 60 to 90 teams of 4 to 6 people each involved in ENGAGE projects throughout our properties in Ireland, England, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Projects can be anything from improving recycling initiatives to setting up an on-site buddy programme for new employees at a property. The simpler the project the better.

Teams will have between now and June to work on their projects. The project ideas are coming in at the moment and it is inspirational to see the enthusiasm that has been ignited simply by facilitating an environment where our teams feel empowered to work together and contribute to the success of the company.

Participation will enable our team members to put their ideas into action and learn more about the business as they do. It will also allow team members to work with others, both from their own business location and, (where the project allows), from head office in a potentially different way than in normal working practices.

Teams have between now and June to work on their projects during which time the success of the projects will be assessed by the teams own GM and their regional COO, with the best projects being judged by Jim Murphy (CEO) and a selected panel of judges, in September. The best performing teams will be recognised at a special Group awards event in October.

Good luck to all of our ENGAGE teams!

Sarah McLoughlin