Group Purchasing

Our group purchasing service is a win-win, reducing costs and improving profitability within weeks of being introduced.We have a proven track record in delivering the best industry results across an extensive range of products and services common to the industry. Our main goal is to reduce costs for our hotels whilst also adding value to the business. Properties simply benefit from the combined buying power of a leading procurement company. No contracts, no fees.

How do we achieve savings?

We are currently working with over 500 hotels, guesthouses, nursing homes, restaurants, pubs, leisure clubs, spas and golf clubs. This combined buying power gives us the leverage to approach suppliers and negotiate prices that are far lower than those paid by a stand-alone hotel or small group.

How does it work?

Our process is simple and straight forward. On day one of our appointment, a member of our purchasing team will visit the hotel and conduct a confidential audit of invoices to identify current supplier prices. We will then complete a report clearly showing where savings can be made. There may be times when the hotel is already working with our nominated supplier, if that's the case, we simply switch the hotel to our reduced pricing. When a hotel is not already working with our nominated supplier, we will outline the savings that can be made by switching to our suppliers and put a strong case forward for changing.

What suppliers do we work with?

We have purchasing contracts in place for the vast majority of goods and services including:
  • Food & Beverages
  • Consumables & Disposables
  • Chemicals, Cleaning & Hygiene supplies
  • Linen
  • Guest Supplies
  • Merchant Services
  • Maintenance (lifts, machinery, equipment)
  • Office Supplies/Stationery
  • Telecoms and IT
  • Waste
  • Energy