As General Manager you will be the ‘face of Trinity Purchasing Europe’ and responsible for the performance, development and expansion of Trinity Purchasing across Europe.

You will cover the following tasks:

Relationship Management (Sales)

As General Manager you will coach and develop the team of Relationship Managers. At the same time you will be responsible for increasing revenues through market research and acquisition within specific target groups. Together with your Relationship Management teams you will treat requests, advise potential clients about saving possibilities and you will look after the follow up. You will intensify the business with existing members.

  • Leading the Relationship Management teams: you will ensure that your team of Relationship Managers work in an efficient way following their job description. You will train and develop your team yourself or call in help from others.
  • Meetings: you will lead the weekly sales calls and monthly team meeting where Relationship Management and procurement work side by side. You will make sure that minutes are taken and the necessary documents are available for the Business Review Country meetings.
  • Prospection: you will do the necessary prospecting to attract new and additional business for Trinity Purchasing and to contribute to the achievement of the revenue objectives e.g. extend existing lists with leads, reach out to potential clients by phone and e-mail, make existing members ambassadors, visit potential customers to propose the Trinity Purchasing concept, make calculations to prove the benefits and have them sign a SLA.
  • Member intensification: you stay in regular contact with existing members with regards to customer loyalty and follow up on implementing supplier offers (regular visits/audits, bring in contact with different suppliers, evaluation of existing business, complaint handling, ..).
  • Administration: you will ensure that all admin work is done in particular in relation to follow up around the sales exercises for new and existing business (follow up mails, information requests, calculations, CRM updates, statistics, contracts, member information, loyalty programme, archiving...).
  • Reporting: you will ensure that the necessary reporting is executed in order to give proper insight in the business and to be able to anticipate on specifics (forecasts, calling lists up to date, client lists...).
  • Networking: keep up to date with trends and developments within the business in order to react appropriately where necessary (follow up on sales leads, picture the competition, influences on business, exchange ideas during networking events...).
  • Communication: you ensure proper communication within the team in a timely manner in order to execute the agreements with members and potential members (report on member/supplier needs during country meetings, provide feedback to supervisor on training needs, share relevant information with the team...);


The organisation has contracted a wide range of general consumer services and consumables. As General Manager you are responsible for the Procurement department and processes within Trinity Purchasing. The performing a market research for the purpose of alternative products/suppliers and the tactical purchasing of products or a part of it. The purchasers acts as a keeper of (part of) the inventory. He or she monitors the delivery performance and processes the purchasing data into management reports.

  • Leading the Procurement teams: you will ensure that your team of Procurement Managers work in an efficient way following their job description. You will train and develop your team yourself or call in help from others.
  • Market research (suppliers, product range): exploring the (international) market, tracking any changes at the supply end, updating systems, procedures and supplier databases; informing (potential) suppliers with regard to product specific, technical and logistical requirements; actively respond when seeing the possibilities or the need to change from suppliers or products; making proposals about changes or optimize of the assortment from the point of corporate positioning and purchasing technical and/or financial perspective; report and explain the findings and proposes to the supervisor;
  • Meetings: you will lead the weekly procurement calls and monthly team meetings where relationship management and procurement work side by side. You will make sure that minutes are taken and the necessary documents are available for the Business Review Country meetings.
  • Tactical purchasing (contract conclusion and compliance): retrieving and evaluating tenders, perform and explain of the preselection and closing contracts, preparing negotiations with both existing suppliers (on-going contracts and contracts to be terminated) and potential suppliers; providing feedback, advice and guidance to suppliers in the initial stage of the cooperation and during the contract period with regard to the logistical process; evaluating supplier performance; investigating whether the suppliers (still) comply with the Service Level Agreement formulated (delivery reliability, quality of service, maintenance, etc.), discussing about the findings with suppliers and making specific agreements for improvement and/or continuation of the performance, align with the planning in response to the modified lean times, the reliability to supply and common impression of the cooperation with existing and new suppliers.
  • Reporting and information processing: recording data of purchasing-related information (price changes, vendor codes and other parameters) in the automated systems; follow-up and handling correspondence with suppliers in one or more western foreign languages; drawing up visit reports (suppliers); signalling process changes to existing suppliers; keeping track of supplier performances; collecting and processing data in KPI reports.

Planning and Budgets

In conjunction with the Chief Operating Officer and Financial Controller agree an annual operational and financial business plan, budget to contribute to the realisation of the set objectives and ensure proper allocation, use and control of resources.

Some other examples of activities:

  • Prepare accurate monthly forecasts based on trends in P&L.
  • Set up and implement a strategic sales & marketing plan on an annual basis and follow up through the year.
  • Control labour cost to budget.
  • Provide monthly Forecast and P&L accounts with necessary actions.

People Management

As General Manager you attract and retain the necessary human resources and create an effective working environment to ensure the work is done and objectives are attained.

Some examples of activities:

  • Manage, coach and support staff actively.
  • Execute target setting and performance evaluation meetings.
  • Organise internal and external meetings and inform groups in a timely and correct manner about decisions affecting arising from meetings.
  • Be aware and abide by current employment legislation.
  • Assist in the selection and recruitment of department heads and other staff.
  • Communicate with associates as appropriate.
  • Motivate people in a way that they all show the same positive spirit.
  • Celebrate successes: share quick wins with the team so everybody can be successful.

These job responsibilities are not exhaustive.

Your profile


  • Degree: Minimum a professional bachelor but preferably University
  • Expert in Hospitality industry
  • Profound knowledge of Relationship (Sales) and Procurement Management
  • Job experience: Minimum 5 years in General Management with International/Pan European content and network
  • Weekly travelling across the European countries is a given

Knowledge and relevant skills

  • Fluent in French and English
  • Knowledge of German and Dutch is a plus
  • Expert in Software MS Office

Competences / behavioural skills

  • Decisive | You do not avoid decisions. You are making decisions based on relevant information and within your own discipline. You are capable to motivate your decisions.
  • Representative | You represent Trinity Purchasing. You make a good impression on others and always act in accordance with good practices.
  • Network-oriented You make contacts easily and you make effective use of them to arrange certain matters. You know how to create connections and you actively maintain/consolidate your contacts.
  • Persuasive | You are full of enthusiasm and conviction when it comes to personal ideas and are able to play with ways/arguments to convince others. You are very self-assured and you act confidently.
  • Analytical | You are objective and sober towards various matters, you have a sharp judgment and you know how to distinguish between the main and side issues of the information provided. Furthermore, you are able to reason logically and consistently.
  • Responsible | You feel responsible for the results achieved in terms of quality and quantity, even if multiple people have contributed to the results.
  • Pro-active | You think about the development of tasks and provide alternatives to adjust if necessary. You bring forward proposals to do things better.
  • Fast and efficient You work quickly and efficiently, without compromising the quality of the work performed.
  • Accurate | You are extremely punctual and able to deliver a perfect task after a final detailed check.
  • Independent You are able to start new projects and solve everyday problems yourself. You focus on the solutions rather than on the problems. You choose fast and practical solutions.
  • Best Practices | You identify opportunities throughout the business and integrate Best Practices into procedures and guidelines.
  • Action Orientated | You translate results into commercial activities in order to optimise existing business and increase new business.


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