PREM Group, the hotel management specialist, has acquired 100% of the shareholding in Hotel Asset Management Services (HAMS).

HAMS is a multi-discipline rapid response unit which provides lending institutions and receivers with a range of "hands-on" options to deal with hotels experiencing trading difficulties.

HAMS was founded in 2010 by Ronan King, Cormac Megannety and PREM Group executives Stephen Loftus and myself. From the outset PREM Group provided HAMS with the management expertise to operate the 4 hotels in its portfolio. HAMS will now become a wholly owned subsidiary of PREM Group, who are best placed to continue to give its clients the exceptional service that they have come to expect. With the hotel landscape in Ireland changing at a rapid pace, I believe that HAMS is well placed to capitalise on these changes and be part of the Irish Hospitality landscape for years to come. I welcome HAMS into the PREM Group family of companies.

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