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Allan Myhill

Allan Myhill
Web Performance Specialist & Client Support Manager
E-Commerce Department


The social networks are an increasingly vital tool for connecting with our guests but the profusion of sites can make getting involved seem a daunting and time consuming challenge. We understand the value of social networking and can help get your hotel online effectively and efficiently.

Social and online reputation management shouldn’t be about who has the most fans or tweeting daily. To truly engage users, to encourage loyalty, and to increase propensity to buy, hotels must publish content that is relevant and timely. I can help you achieve that.

What can I do to support your business?

I can work with your team to plan an integrated strategy that’s easy for the hotel to maintain and sparks interest in your audience. I can answer your questions, set up pages and profiles and maximise the effectiveness of your hotel social media campaign.

Fields of expertise

  • Online presence management
  • Integrated digital marketing strategies
  • Revenue optimisation
  • E-commerce & distribution systems

Current projects

  • Social media training and support for hotels
  • Author original website content to maximise business opportunities
  • Property support for websites and booking engine


Allan Myhill | Web Performance Specialist & Client Support Manager
PREM Group | 12 Lower Hatch Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Mobile +353 86 770 0973 | Direct Dial +353 1 639 1123 | Skype allan_premgroup

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