Information Technology

p>As we grow more and more dependent on Information Systems and Communications, PREM Group offer a first rate IT support team. Experienced in all areas of this ever-changing and truly business-critical area.

We can carry out a full review of your current network, hardware and software to offer support, advice and direction with the future of your business in mind.

Having developed relationships with major hotel software vendors and hardware suppliers, benefits hotels enjoy include:

  • Remote support access, allowing fast resolution of issues and reduced on-site engineering time
  • Centralised email solution with extensive spam filtering and security
  • Software licensing & contract management
  • Application support
  • Group IP conventions to create an efficient and resilient network
  • Network deployed anti-virus solutions ensuring software is up to date against the latest virus and security threats
  • Secure firewalled networks across the group
  • A cost effective WAN via group VPN’s
  • Off-site business continuity back ups
  • Detailed network information and documentation
  • Access to PABX specialists

Keep pace with the fast moving developments and enhancements in technology