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Joanna Doyle

Joanna Doyle
E-commerce and Marketing Manager


E-commerce has evolved into a complex puzzle of online initiatives where you need a finger on the pulse to react to ever changing trends and emerging technology. These days you need somebody at your side who tracks of all the latest innovations, can tell you what the optimum mix is for your property and can implement this strategy on your behalf.

What can I do to support your business?

I can help every step of the way when it comes to improving and enhancing your online presence. Where a new website is required, I will set out a strategic plan, and from there, will implement a sleek design with great content which is clearly presented and enhanced through rich media, virtual tours, videos, interactive maps and more. We will bring the hotel experience alive before your guests even arrive.

We understand the complexity of Google’s algorithm and your new website will be backed up by solid search engine optimization techniques and targetted digital marketing to deliver industry leading looker to booker conversion rates at lower distribution costs.

As experienced hoteliers, we bring a unique offering to your ecommerce solution. Our social media manager and website revenue manager can further enhance your online strategy and our combined services bring an unrivalled offering in the hospitality industry.

Fields of expertise

  • Brand concepts and marketing support
  • Website design
  • Ezine design, launch and tracking
  • Search engine optimisation and digital marketing
  • Content production and content management
  • Distribution systems


Joanna Doyle | E-Commerce and Marketing Manager
PREM Group | 12 Lower Hatch Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Mobile +353 86 804 7091 | Direct Dial +353 1 639 1129 | Skype jdoylepremgroup

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