Complete Hotel Management Solutions

Hotel Management For Hotel Owners

PREM Group has gained extensive experience in the management of all categories of hotel since 1996. Our goal is to provide our clients (hotel owners & hotel investors) with a consistently high return on investment over time. By choosing one of our complete hotel management solutions, our dedicated team of hotel and finance professionals will assume control of the day to day operations of your hotel to achieve the best possible returns for you.

The hotel management team will report directly to PREM Group and act on our instructions. We will manage and control the hotel’s marketing function and activities. Our systems and procedures will ensure that cost efficiency is maintained at all times. We will make recommendations in areas such as hotel branding, business model and business strategy. Hotel profitability will be maximised by regularly assessing your hotel’s performance through the use of PREM Group’s customised reporting tools and by benchmarking your hotel’s performance against comparator properties. For more information please contact us.

Distressed Hotel Management

Financial Institutions and Insolvency Practitioners need to maintain the value of hotel properties once they have taken them into their charge. It is important to ensure that the hotel business is not disrupted during the transition of control from owner to receiver or other insolvency practitioner to avoid damaging the value of the hotel asset.

PREM Group, working in partnership with financial institutions and insolvency practitioners can act quickly to take a distressed hotel property under effective control. Once the business is stabilised, PREM Group can perform an assessment of the trading performance of the hotel property, identify areas where performance can be improved and implement change where necessary to maximise profitability and cash flow.

Unlike other hotel operators PREM Group do not consider appointments to manage distressed properties as an oversight and reporting assignment. PREM Group actively manages the hotel to turn the business around as quickly as possible. Two case studies are provided here to demonstrate the positive results that distressed hotels have achieved under PREM Group’s management. For more information please contact us.

Hotel Development

PREM Group has successfully partnered with equity investors, financial institutions and global brand management companies (such as IHG and Wyndham Worldwide) to develop hotel projects from concept stage to hotel opening and have then gone on to enter management agreements with owners or enter into a commercial lease on the property. If you are currently considering a hotel development project we would be interested to discuss this project with you as we are confident we can add value to the venture. For more information please contact us.

Flexible management solutions for property owners and insolvency practitioners