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Social Agreement Reached for Sustainable Future for FLI Hotels in Belgium

Following on from my recent blog with regards to a strike notice issued by the ACV and the ABVV unions. I am happy to report that common sense has prevailed and we have addressed the concerns of the unions and the threat of strike notice has been withdrawn. I include our press release on this matter at the end of this blog.

I want to thank all our staff and management for their on-going support during this time. I have been particularly impressed with the level of professionalism shown by all our staff, in maintaining the exceptional level of customer care, at a time when it might have been easy to be distracted by external events. I know from talking to a lot of people on the ground that it was not easy, but you stuck to your tasks and for that I am truly grateful. I want to assure everyone that, despite what may have been said, PREM Group are committed to running efficient and sustainable hotels wherever we operate. That means that we have to be brave and to meet the challenges that the economic crises in Belgium will throw at us. That also means that we are striving to maintain guaranteed employment for the majority of our employees. There are times in business, when striving to be creative and innovative, that we have to make hard decisions. That’s our job and what we are paid to do, but at all times when we are taking those hard decisions we always try to be fair and reasonable.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our management and staff a very happy Christmas and I look forward to working with you all in 2013.

Click here to view press release PDF

An agreement has been reached with the unions