In the hotel business we rely on the professionalism off all our staff to constantly deliver exceptional service to all our customers, 24/7. It's a people business and those of us who love hospitality know that it takes great people to make our hotels function.

Every year we acknowledge some of these people with the People of the Year awards in all of our properties. The highlight of these awards is the presentation of the overall Person of the Year in the different countries that we operate. Today it was Irelands turn and it was a great honour for me to present the PREM Group Ireland Person of the Year to Artur Sochacki from the Aspect Hotel Dublin Park West.

Artur started in Aspect Hotel as a kitchen porter and has since worked his way up to commis chef. But like all great staff, Artur is always willing to help out in other departments. On occasions he has worked in the restaurant where he is a huge hit with our regular guests, even in the early days when his grasp of English wasn’t that great. He is always available to work and has never said no or it's not my job when asked to help. According to his colleagues, he is always in great spirits, despite the many early starts covering the breakfast shifts. I want to thank Artur for choosing to work with PREM Group, we are lucky to have people like him in the team.

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