Testimonial from Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa and Dylan Hotel

Dunboyne Castle Hotel and Spa and Dylan Hotel have been working with Trinity Purchasing for the past 4 years. During this time they have assisted us in achieving substantial savings in both hotels. They continually work with us and for us to ensure we receive the savings promised and have access to the most competitive prices in the market. Their pricing is always current and their vast experience in the hospitality industry gives me great confidence in the services they provide.

Deirdre Mulholland, Financial Controller
Dunboyne Castle Hotel and Spa
Dylan Hotel

Testimonial from Athenaeum House Hotel

Right from the start, PREM Group impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed to create a new website in addition to revenue management services. By partnering with PREM Group we have been able to maximise our selling opportunities in the market place.

Because of their years of experience they understand the industry. From their state of the art technical expertise to their helpful, knowledgeable, friendly team our experience with PREM Group confirms to us that we've partnered with true leaders in the tourism industry.

Mailo Power, Director

Athenaeum House Hotel, Waterford

Testimonial from Limerick Strand

"I have been working with Trinity Purchasing and Peter Flood for the last year and have found it beneficial to the Hotel. We have achieved fantastic savings in the process without affecting the quality of the produce the Hotel purchases.

Trinity Purchasing take an a la carte approach to the Hotel which is a big benefit as we are tied to a number of existing contracts: it is not a case of an all or nothing approach.

The Hotel has reaped the benefits of being part of a block with in excess of 70 properties. We have been helped by the purchasing audits from Trinity which highlight areas we can improve our purchasing power.

I would highly recommend working with Trinity Purchasing. They are a great safety net to ensure The Limerick Strand has the best possible purchasing power in the market place."

Sean Lally, General Manager

Limerick Strand Hotel

Testimonial from Marriott Hotel Ashbourne

The Ashbourne Marriott have partnered with PREM Group Purchasing since 2008. The partnership with PREM Group has given us a competitive edge in terms of purchasing. Being a standalone hotel, we would not have the bargaining position we do with the assistance of PREM Group Purchasing. We have seen cost reduction in several areas of the hotel operation such as Food, Beverage but also in Energy prices & maintenance contracts. I would recommend working with PREM group to any standalone hotel or small group of hotels to improve competitiveness over the industry average. The PREM Group is a more than welcome addition to our business and a bit of relief to work with in current times. We look forward to a continued partnership with PREM in the future.

Niek Gorter, Director of Finance

Marriott Hotel Ashbourne

Testimonial from Corsendonk Hotels

The Corsendonkhotels have partnered with Trinity Purchasing Benelux group purchasing scheme since 2008.

A lot of cost savings in all areas (food & beverage, laundry, linen, commissions, leasing...) were reached because of this collaboration.

Still more opportunities we'll exploit in the future.

Providing quality in the hospitality industry is very important. Also due to our partnership we can continue to ensure quality without exceeding budgets. Because of centralization of purchase we keep out vendors in our hotels and this certainly increased the productivity of our employees. In our opinion our partnership just started and recommends working with "PREM Group Purchase" to standalone hotels or small chains.

The more power in purchase, the better the purchase conditions, the higher the service and quality we can deliver.

Tom Dresselaers Operations & Finance Manager

Corsendonk Hotels, Belgium

Testimonial from Menlo Park Hotel Galway

As an independent establishment, we identified the need, particularly in the times we are in , to forge a relationship with a larger presence in the marketplace. What we enjoy about our association with PREM is that we can have all of the benefits of being part of a larger group but that we can also very much maintain our individual identity.

We have found their support and expertise in developing our marketing approach to be extremely helpful. We like the fact that because of their involvement in many types of properties and markets that we can avail of their vast experience across a wide marketing mix. We have found PREM to be at the cutting edge of development in terms of online business development, corporate sales and groups.

We are very pleased with the level of business that we have received and we continue to strengthen our relationship as we develop new markets and strategies together. We are delighted with our decision to have partnered with PREM.

Elaine Brennan, General Manager

Menlo Park Hotel & Conference Centre

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