Information Technology

HAMS can assist by centralising your IT requirements and integrating your existing systems into our group wide solution. By working with major hotel software vendors and hardware suppliers, hotels can avail of the following:

  • Remote support access from Head Office cutting down on on-site engineering time
  • Centralised Email solution with extensive spam filtering and security
  • Ability to access your e-mail via the web from any location
  • Licensing compliancy checks
  • Group IP conventions thus reducing any potential IP conflicts and network issues
  • Up to date software patches
  • Network deployed Antivirus Solutions ensuring software is up to date against the latest virus and security threats
  • Secure Firewalled networks
  • Cost effective WAN via group VPNs
  • Off site Business Continuity Back ups
  • Standardised Network Configuration and set up, enabling easier trouble shooting
  • Detailed Network Information and documentation
  • Access to PABX specialists

Complete hotel IT solutions